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Thread: Ujiri: He'd Be "Comfortable" Beginning Season With This Roster

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    I think the two yar plan is just meaning that we wil see how things play out over two years and try not to hurt our flexibility. Right now we have 9.5 million commited in salary for 2015-2016 (about 20 million if you count team options on Ross, Acy, and Valanciunas). I think that's what the 2-year plan means, that Ujiri is planning on not making any big moves in the interum that hurt his flexability for that off season. If this squad is good over the next two years and looks like it has potential, maybe we just keep tweaking the roster and try to resign our expensive pieces. If at the end of two years we're still a fringe team or worse, he let's everyone walk and rebuilds from scratch.

    EDIT: I forgot to add Novak's salary, so it's more like 13 million commited in 2015-2016 and 24 with options.
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