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There's no easy answer to the question 'who is the Raptors owner?' You did not offer an alternative. I want one name, not an abstraction, like 'this or that group'.

I have been following sports across different leagues and teams since approximately 1990. I have seen many executives fired, owners change, coaches fired, and player movement. None of the changes you listed above, which are fairly common, guarantee any kind of change in the w/l column. What usually does make a difference is the kinds of things Prokhorov has forced through with the Nets. Or Riles has done with the Heat. Or Buss did with the Lakers. Or Ed DeBartolo did with the 49ers. They didn't spend a lot of time patting themselves on the backs in press conferences and interviews, they just went out and got the best ball players.

I can give you three names: Bell, Rogers, and Larry T.
2/3rds are owned by corporations and 1/3 by an individual.

I get your point though - sort of. I think you are confusing ownership with basketball executives in some case (Mickey Arison owns Miami, not Riley). You need big shots to win. I mean lets look at:

Pat Riley: he won his first championship with Miami after 11 years (yet the actual owner is Arison who won after 18 years).

Mark Cuban: he won his first championship with Dallas after 11 years of ownership.

Prokhorov: he won his first championship with Brooklyn/New Jersey after.... oh wait, nearly 4 years and nothing, well, a playoff appearance.

Jerry Buss: he won his first championship, well, immediately. It didn't hurt to have Magic and Kareem though.

Calm down, Brandon. TL has been on the job for just over 2 months and Ujiri for just over a month. As for patting himself on the back, TL had the history of Toronto thrown in his face when he first arrived when the man has not had a thing to do with it. It seems only fair he throw his own history back.