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    Monta Ellis rejected Bucks' three-year, $36 million extension. Monta Ellis opted out of final year of contract that was scheduled to pay $11 million.

    Monta Ellis wants four years, $40 million. Monta Ellis can't find anything close to four years, $40 million.

    Solution? Monta Ellis fires agent.

    That's the kind of smart, always-thinking-ahead style that he has become known for and is sure to be rewarded.

    Ellis' only chance to make the money he thinks he's worth is to become a point guard and team leader. He's a pretty dynamic player but he's not a good enough shooter and his size makes him a defensive liability at shooting guard. That said, we all know it's not happening. Ellis will never be true point guard, just ain't in his DNA. Some guys are just meant to play like shooting guards.

    He is a good player, and damn fun to watch, but I'd be very reluctant to invest long term money in him. Strikes me as the type of player whose game will drop hard and fast once his quickness and athleticism starts to diminish, and he ain't far from that point.
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