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no one cares about making the 8th seed and having a first round exit.

you mean 4-19. and it was more like missing the playoffs by 10 games, since the end of the season was obviously against teams who DID make the playoffs and didn't give a shit about winning.

either way, by your logic are you saying that milwaukee and philadelphia were in a great place last year then? philly was ahead of us despite not making the playoffs and milwaukee actually made it to the playoffs! oh boy look how well that turned out for both teams!
You are absolutely right, this team could be another Philly/Milwaukee or it could develop as an Indy/Memphis type team. If you have the forsight, you might say that Casey isn't the right coach and we don't have the right players so let's blow it up. Or, you might say, that Casey is the right coach, he can get the players to buy into his system and being a team moving in the right direction we can pick up a key player in 2014.

This season/off-season is an evaluation time for MU to see if Casey is the right coach and whether he builds on this roster or tears it down. But, unless you are trading for a superstar or a top 5 2014 pick, this will be the team to start the season.