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I think the point you’re missing is that for a team like the Raptors, who haven’t made the playoffs in several seasons, making the playoffs would be significant progression. Nobody is suggesting simply making the playoffs is the end goal, but rather an initial goal, to be used as a stepping stone for greater, sustainable success.

Making the playoffs as the 8th seed doesn’t automatically mean that the team is unable to become anything better. Only poorly managed teams become the dreaded “treadmill” team that is too bad to improve and too good to rebuild. I hate when people equate a non-playoff team finally making the playoffs to perennial “treadmill” teams like Atlanta and Milwaukee, simply because they’ve fought and improved to make the playoffs in the first place. I don’t think TL or MU are the type of guys to rest of their laurels of simply making the playoffs... they’d only use that as motivation to continue to improve.
I agree with this entirely