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It begs the question - are we in denial about how truly miserable the past (nearly) 20 years have been? It doesn't seem that bad. This franchise doesn't feel as dysfunctional as the Sterling's Clippers (pre-Paul/Griffin), the Wolves (KAHN!), or the Wizards (guns in the locker room!). How is it that the Raps haven't hit some of the low lows of some of these teams, yet record-wise are just as bad? Fan blinders?
I think a part of it is that we haven't seemed completely incompetent at the time, unlike Sterling's Clippers or Kahn - draft every PG strategy. Most of the moves made by the team, we generally accepted as "worth the risk" moves or good deals. Sadly, few if any, turned out as expected.

Most of the roster successes for the Raps came early on, so we were able to build quickly then fall into the painful dark hole we've been in since 2002.