All right all you prognosticators, clairvoyants, and stats junkies. This is your chance to earn achievements, accolades, awards (imaginary), and most importantly establish your credibility with teenagers and bored office drones everywhere.

1.) Who will be the most improved Raptor? i.e played here last season
Based on last season, i would say Gay.

2.) Pick one guy to be moved at the trade deadline.

3.) What will the season record be?

4.) Will they make the playoffs?

5.) What seed will they be?
8th. Battle with Washington for the last spot.

6.) How far will they go in the playoffs?
1st round exit

7.) Who will the Raptors send to the all star game?

8.) Pick one rotation player that breaks out (guy 1 through 9 on the team)

9.) Pick one rotation player who falls completely short of expectations

10.) Will Dwayne Casey be extended?

11.) How many times will Amir Johnson roll his ankle?

12.) Who will spend the most time on the bench in a suit due to injury?


1.) Surprise mid season pickup?
Dont know who but most likely a back up big, either PF or C.

2.) Pick one deep bench guy that breaks out (guy 10 - 15)

3.) If Dwayne Casey is fired, who will replace him?
George Karl

You have until the end of the first pre-season game to lock in your predictions. The winner will receive 1lb of chicken wings (your choice of sauce) and 1 pint of beer (pop if you are a minor) at wherever the next RR party is. Feel free to post and edit away for the next six weeks or so