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Thread: Anybody watch Pacific Rim? Thoughts? *SPOILER ALERT*

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    Default Anybody watch Pacific Rim? Thoughts? *SPOILER ALERT*

    I just watched Pacific Rim today and it didn't really meet the expectations based on the hype it's getting. Before I put down my thoughts, I went to this movie expecting a lot of robot/monster fight scenes since it was marketed as purely a robot/monster smackdown. I expected a very weak plot and a very weak characters/actors. I had good and bad thoughts about this movie. Let's start off with the good things.

    Good aspects: I love the action scenes. They delivered what everyone wanted. The CG was gorgeous and the HK fight scene was amazing. Now to the things I hated about this movie.

    *SPOILER ALERT* If you haven't watch this movie don't read it unless you want to! You have been warned.

    Bad aspects: Like I said, I went to this movie purely for a robot/monster smackdown since it was marketed that way. After the initial fight scene where the main charater, Raleigh, lost his brother to the Kaiju, there was about an hour of plot and character development. Yes, I went online and actually time it. It was about an hour. I don't count the candidate auditions where Raleigh fought with Mako. Nor do I count Raleigh fighting with Chuck Hansen (pilot of the Australian Jaeger), though I have to say that it was pretty hilarious that Raleigh kicked Chuck's ass. And I don't count the flash back of Mako's past either! It isn't until the HK Jaeger and Kaiju fight scene did we get any actual robot monster fighting. Like I said, the fight scene was phenomenal. The only I had problem with the fight scene was how the Kaiju defeated the Chinese and Russian Jaeger so easily. They literally died in the fight in the first 10 minutes. I wanted to see more variety in the Jaegers since the Kaiju had more variety. Last complaint would be that there wasn't enough fight scenes! I went to an online version of the movie and I counted how long the fight scenes were. Out of a 2 hour movie, you only got 35 minutes of robots/monster smackdown and got 1 hours and 30 minutes of plot, character development, and comedic relief.

    Spoiler-free bad aspects: No enough fight scenes. Too much plot and character development. Not enough variety in Jaeger fight scenes.

    Conclusion: Overall, you would only go to watch this movie for the amazing fight scenes. I just wish there was more of it and less attempts at character development, plot and comedic relief. I'd give this movie a 6.5/10. I would have given it a 7 or 7.5 if it didn't have that hour of character development and had more fighting. Anyone else have their thoughts on the movie?

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    I thought this movie was badd ass! Probably the funnest movie I have watched so far this year. Like Blacklash mentions maybe not enough fight scenes. But the CGI is fuking amazing.

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    have to agree with 40cal... was it flawed? yup. could I have used more fight scenes? yup. did either of those detract from what was presented to me at all? FUCK NO.

    I was extremely impressed.

    would it have been better with anybody but Charlie Hunnam as the star? probably.

    would it have been better with a plot that wasn't the aborted fetus child of top gun and independence day? possibly.

    was it awesome? FUCK YES.

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