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A bit of an aside: ESPN Insider has their current projections of the Eastern Conference placing Toronto at 11th:

1. Miami
2. Brooklyn
3. Chicago
4. Indiana
5. New York
6. Atlanta
7. Washington
8. Cleveland
9. Milwaukee
10. Detroit
11. Toronto
12. Orlando
13. Boston
14. Charlotte
15. Philly

Their writeup basically sums up as: "If Jonas turns into a monster, the Raptors can make a playoff push. If he doesn't, a tank is in order."
Not really a surprise. 7-11 are all the teams being speculated on in the forums as battling for the final 2 playoff spots. 12-15 are the teams widely considered to be tanking (or in the Bobcats case, still terrible). I think you could rearrange 7-11 any way you want and it would look plausible. Maybe even throw Atlanta in there too, but I'm a firm believer that they got better this offseason, or at least will be as good as they were last year.