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Ok .. I may have slightly exagerated to say DD has never taken the ball strong to the hoop .. of course he has a few times.

BUT - even look at that first clip you posted, i would say 90% of them are with no defender anywhere near him. Even the ones in the half court he typically finishes with a dunk when hes able to step right past the defender with no contest. When he has a man near him, he does the slow delayed step around old man" move where he goes around the defender and lays it up.
Anyways - not hear to hack on DD - the point was more that when TR gets the ball in the open court, even if there is a guy between him and the hoop .. you get the feeling that hes either dunking it or getting fouled - nothing in between. I love that. (and the contrast was DD, where Im nervous as shit that he will just finish the play, let alone embarrass his defender).
Same thing in the half court .. when TR gets a step, he attacks the rim .. doesnt give a shit about getting hit. I like that to.
And, as for the highlight package, TR's is almost as impressive, and hes played spot duty in shitty minutes for 1 year, whereas DD has 4 years of heavy mins .. he should have WAY more aggressive takes than he does.
Yeah I'd probably call it a a slight exaggeration that DD has never taken the ball hard to the hoop before considering he finished 8th in the league last season in free throw attempts and 7th in makes. The 7 guys ahead of him in attempts for a little more context - Harden, Durant, Howard, Kobe, Westbrook, James and Anthony. All very aggressive, attacking offensive players.

Yes, I know there are plenty of times watching him in real time where it seems like he struggles with finishing through contact. But the picture you are trying to paint is way, way off base. Suggesting that DD has something to learn from Ross in this category seems a little much when Ross had one of the lowest free throw rates in the entire league last season. I mean like ten from the bottom of all qualifying players bad. He had a few highlight reel dunks during the middle of the season but mainly floated around the perimeter offensively during his rookie year.

And I'm not even really a DeRozan fan. There are plenty parts to his game that can be criticized. I do think he's grown into a very aggressive player on O however.