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great addition by subtraction this year
lucas, Anderson, kleiza, bargs for actual role players in augustin, hansborogh, novak
Yup, traded a bunch of Kobe-syndrome chuckers for a 3pt shooting PG who's a willing passer, a banger hustle PF and one of the league's best spot up 3 point shooters.

Definitely looking at having a much better bench this year. If Fields can rediscover his shot and Ross can improve, it's only that much sweeter. I'd love to grab a legit backup center though, I wish Camby would play for us

I think the rotation should look something like this next year (minutes played in brackets):

Lowry (32)/Augustin (15)/Buycks (1)
DeMar (30)/Ross (15)/Fields (3)
Gay (25)/Novak (10)/DeRozan (5)/Fields (3)
Amir (20)/Hansbrough (15)/Gay (10)/Novak (3)
Valanciunas (30)/Backup C (10)/Amir (8)

Gay: 35mpg
DeRozan: 35mpg
Lowry: 32mpg
Jonas: 30mpg
Amir: 28mpg
Augustin: 15mpg
Ross: 15mpg
Hansbrough: 15mpg
Novak: 13mpg
Backup C: 10mpg
Fields: 6mpg
Buycks: 1mpg