I hope this does NOT get merged with the rebuild or re-tool thread since this is not a PROs and CONs post on Tanking vs not-tanking.

I legitimately would like to know the timeline, given the best case scenario, if the Raptors decide to go to tank mode, or play out this current roster and tweak it as they go along in the hopes of building a contender. Is there realistically a possibility to be contenders for both paths and, how long will each path take compared to the other.

Ive read so many discussions on why they should tank, why they shouldnt, why should tweaking the roster and keep re-tweaking year after year will work better and why they shouldnt but i have not read an actual, set of realistic timelines for each path.

I ask because there seems to be no "model" when it comes to using tanking to building a contender. Cavs, Spurs, OKC all seem to have "lucked out" with their picks.

And re-tweaking, it always seems to be the teams with the most money and biggest markets which are able to buy the best players.

Where does this put the Raptors?