So T-Mac just got traded to the Knicks. For more details please click here: Raptors Republic

That is not the topic at hand though. This summer T-Mac will enter free agency and by no means does this trade today mean he will be returning to the Knicks in the fall. A lot is going to take place in the summer and the Knick trading for him was more about creating cap relief of over $20M than being interested in his services. There is no guarantee that T-Mac will like NYC from a basketball standpoint (ie: toughest fans and media in the league, no contest).

Next, he's had his troubles with injuries recently. He may not be the same player. There is a new CBA coming in a few years and teams are hurting. There won't be a lot of money for T-Mac this summer. He's probably looking at the full MLE in the best case scenario.

My question to you all is would you like to see Toronto pursue T-Mac this summer and use at least a portion of their MLE on him? Do you feel he would want to come back to Toronto? Would a second round birth greatly increase their odds of him being interested? Could he help the Toronto Raptors?