From the genius blog of Doug Smith:

If there was any doubt — and I doubt there’s been for a couple of weeks — the direction that Masai Ujiri is going now with the HOTH is crystal clear.

(Hey Doug, if there was never any doubt among fans and readers – then why would you make this statement as the headline of your sht analysis of the Daye signing?)

He likes what he’s got, wants to at least give it chance and he’s only filling in the roster with cheap, no-risk additions.

The latest? Austin Daye, on a ridiculously low contract that goes two years for $2 million with the second year only at the team’s option.

The “news” broke while I was being Argo Boy…

(I wonder how many other legit basketball writers moonlight in other sports instead of doing their job and getting scoops because they hate the sport of basketball so much? )

…I didn’t think it was worth going nuts over while I had other stuff on my plate last night; I think that was the right decision.

(Look here Smith, I don’t care how “busy” you are to do your job or that you have “a lot on your plate”(likely food) – I simply HATE your style of ho-hum reporting)

Btw, I tried posting my rants last night on the Star…then I find out that the “comments are moderated by the AUTHOR.” Really Star? Not even the Editor? The author himself? Do you want feedback or bs?