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    Quote Xixak wrote: View Post
    Umm calling someone "dude" or "bro" is not an insult by any stretch of the imagination. I start conversations with my friends like that... so if you're taking it as trying to degrade someone, then Lord help you.

    Saying "stop" or "what on earth" and making a general reference (not I did not say any specific poster was on crack) to being "on crack" are not even in the same category as making a racially charged joke. Just because some "thugs" or "gangsters" might have played in the NBA before or still play in it currently does not mean that the players in the league would find a gun-favoring environment attractive. It's an incredibly ignorant thing to say. And I'm only using the word "ignorant" to put it lightly.
    First, it's a joke making fun of the NBA's history with guns. There was nothing racially motivated in the joke, as the NBA is one big happy international family.

    Second, it's not ignorant, especially in light of the fact that enough North Carolinans (of all backgrounds) obviously supported that "gun-favoring environment" enough for the real legislation to pass.

    EDIT: unfortunately this discussion about a joke is a clear sign that this thread is tanking... and fast.
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