I know Toronto isn't a part of this trade, but I was thinking it was a great trade for all 3 teams. OKC gets a stacked starting lineup, Pheonix and Orlando give up stars that will leave in FA anyway, for young talent.


Okc sends: Dallas' 1st round pick top 20 protected, Lamb, Jackson, Jones, Thabeet, Perkins
Okc recieves: Gortat, Afflalo, Tucker

This team is going for a championship, and this squad matches up well against Miami

Pheonix sends: Gortat, Tucker, Frye
Pheonix recieves: Perkins, Lamb, Jones

Flip Gortat who will leave in FA for a future starting SG in Lamb. They send a bad contract and receive one

Orlando sends: Afflalo
Orlando receives: Jackson, Thabeet, Frye, Dallas 1st rounder

Get maybe their future PG, pick