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I'm not even sure how necessary 3+D is.

Somehow Memphis got to the Western Conference Finals with only two starters who could consistently hit the 3... and neither of them were even hitting their 3s in the playoffs. Conley shot 28% and Prince shot 26%. Obviously Tony Allen, Z-Bo and Gasol aren't lights out three point shooters.

I guess that's what an elite team defense can do for you. Memphis was dead last in the NBA in three pointers made per game at 4.7 this year also. Even the Raptors were much better than that (15th with 7 makes).

Indiana also ranked below the Raptors in 3s made (slightly at 6.9) on a slightly higher percentage (34.7% compared to 34.3%). They also featured a lineup with only 2 guys that could hit the three with any consistency (Hill and George). I guess you could add Stephenson as well since he shot 33% on 2.4 attempts per game which isn't bad.
Somehow Gay gets trashed based on advanced stats, and Memphis made their run "specifically because they didn't have him," but if he were there shooting his usual 40% he would have upped Memphis' efficiency. Go figure.