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Thread: This Team Needs to Attack the Rim on Offense

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    Quote Xixak wrote: View Post
    Actually we were 17-15 in the 32 games Gay started which rounds up to 44 wins in an 82 game season, but sure make stuff up to suit your point.

    In the meaningless stretch you referred to we played:

    Chicago (2x): Had 3 starters (Deng & Noah out), Butler and Boozer played over 40 minutes, pretty sure they were still trying to win since they only finished 1 game ahead of ATL. For the second game Deng was back (34 mins) and we beat them again. Valanciunas did not play in the 2nd game.

    Brooklyn: Nets missing G-Force, but aside from that fully healthy. We had 8 active players. No Ross or Val, Acy was the first guy off the bench.

    It was only really a meaningless last 2 games with Boston/Atlanta playing their starters less than 20 minutes.
    You certainly are a combative sort.

    I said the Raptors were .500 after the Rudy Gay trade and they were. I never mentioned anything about the games that Gay started or whatever, because it's a pointless extrapolation anyway that I was doing facetiously (which I thought was obvious but I digress). If you want to be technical about it, Gay has never played a full season so let's assume that he won't next year for the point of my forecast.

    As far as the streak to end the season..

    We played Chicago once with no Deng, Noah and Gibson (and Rose obviously). Malcolm Thomas played 26 minutes. He played 39 all year.

    We played Chicago again with no Noah, Gibson (and Rose). Nazi Mohammed played 43 minutes for them.

    Not going to say that Chicago wasn't trying because that's not how Thibs gets down in the least but if you're using those games as a measuring stick... Chicago clearly wasn't at full strength.

    We played Boston and Atlanta when they were clearly not interested in winning.

    We played Washington and Minnesota when they were jostling for lottery position.

    We played Brooklyn and legitimately beat them.
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