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I do think it's possible to find a 2014 pick for Gay somewhere, even a 1st rounder. It would absolutely have to come from a team with an extra one. This to me is what makes Charlotte a possible trading partner...and I guess in that case Gordon could be on the table, but I still think it would not be with intent to really use him at all. It would be like "if you want to come and be around the team and be part of the system, you're welcome to, but if not, stay away until we trade you or you're a free agent". I can't see Gordon being in the team's plans in any way, even in the short term, unless Buycks, Augustin and Ross are ALL having horrible seasons...which is a definite possibility.
No, he wouldn't.

The CBA places $$ requirements on trades. It just so happens Gordon for Gay works straight up but you would have to include picks and young players to make it worth Toronto's time.