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Thread: Cystal Ball - Raptors Season Predictions

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    Quote p00ka wrote: View Post
    Isn't there already a similar thread?
    The downside of vacation, so hard to figure out what you missed. I checked when I got back and didn't see anything.
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    Love this idea for a post! Here goes...

    Quote Axel wrote: View Post
    With nothing else to talk about presently, why not start arguing about the future? A simple predictions thread. Post your responses 1-15 and we'll see at season's end who was right and who was wrong.

    1. Demar - over/under .299 3PT%? - career high .283 last season, once again swore to work on his range, will this be the year he eclipses 30%?


    2. Gay - over/under 4.5 FreeThrowAttempts per game? - his career best was 5, but in the last 5 years has averaged 4.5, 4.0, 3.9, 3.7 and 4.2. Can he get to the line more often in this lineup?

    under! Refs only blow the whistle so much and I see Valanciunus going to line more this year.

    3. Lowry - over/under 10 games missed due to injury? Only played 82 games once in his career (sophomore season) and that was as a back-up. Lowry played in 68 games last year (missing 14). Can he stay healthy for a full season?

    under 10 games missed he's had some pretty rotten luck, really random ailments (aside from ankle stuff). Contract season, he's going to be in the best shape of his career (fingers crossed)

    4. JV - over/under 8 RPG? JV averaged 6 RPG last season but had a per 36 of 9 per game. Can he produce in a larger role?

    over!, 8.2

    5. Can JV get 25 double doubles this year? Last year JV had 8 double-doubles. David Lee led the league with 56.


    6. T-Ross - over/under 22 MPG? - last year got 17 MPG. Can the 2nd year pro secure minutes in this rotation?


    7. Who gets the first ejection of the season?

    Dwayne casey, I forsee the raptors getting shafted by the refs and he lets them know

    8. Who gets more starts, Acy or Novak? Novak had 1 in New York and Acy 0 last year.

    Tie - neither one will get any starts

    9. Who is emerges as the back-up PG, Buycks or Augustin?


    10. Does Casey get let go during or after the season?

    neither. The team will return to defensive form seen two seasons ago. Offense will improve a bit and they will make the playoffs;

    11. Does Quintin Richardson ever see the court?

    12. Do the Raptors sweep any season series?

    yes? which one? no idea

    13. Do the Raptors finish above .500?

    14. Any Raptors on the All-Star team?

    Rudy Gay - seriously, dude is going to be a beast this year; he's had so much crap written about him recently that he probably has a massive chip on his shoulder right now

    15. Do the Raptors make the play-offs?
    yes! 7th seed

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