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The game slows down in the playoffs. You are at tremendous advantage as a team if you have a legit C, who you could throw a ball to at half court play and this is particularly true when it matters the most.

"O'DONNELL: Underrated factor in this pick: With Masai Ujiri on-board (and maybe even the recent influx of talent out of Canada), Valanciunas should have some awesome teammates around him. "
music to my ears!
You need a player who can score in the low post, but that doesn't have to be a center. A power forward like David West or a SF with a good post up game could work just as well. Look at what Dallas did with Dirk set up at the elbow. He "posted up" in the high post and they ran their entire offence through him to a Championship.

Plus in the playoffs, shooting %s decrease, so having an athletic big who can grab some offensive boards and give you those extra possessions is a huge bonus.