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Under the OTPP I do not agree with this. I think they had a budget and you operated within it. The budget was no luxury tax, I think.

But since Bell/Rogers took over a year ago, it appears to be the way you describe.

*fingers crossed*
Not saying that Bell/Rogers have not been good but it doesn't seem any different to me under them as opposed to TPP. Speaking STRICTLY about the Raptors, MLSE went after the best available candidate in M Ujiri despite his services being expensive. It was the same 7 years ago when BC was hired. In fact BC cost more.

Be it Grunwald, Babcock, BC or Ujiri, MLSE did it's best in providing them with resources to build a winner. It's investments in programs around the country to establish Raptors as Canada's team also proves it. Yes there have been times when MLSE has refused to allow it's GM's to exceed the cap but that's only understandable. The Lakers are well into luxury tax territory because of their continued success. If the Raptors enjoyed that kind of success, MLSE would definitely do the same.