So who here wasn't nervous during the 3rd quarter when the Nets actually made the game closer than it should of last night? I know I was.

Great ball movement for the most part last night, but way too sloppy with all the turnovers something that we'll have to be better with tonight versus those Wizards who beat the Nuggets last night. Also, what's happening with our free throw shooting which has been a staple for this team for years? This year we're ranked 14th so far. Had we even hit 80% of them last night then the 3rd quarter collapse wouldn't of even been a factor against NJ.

That being said, how do you guys like the Raptors without Bosh? Cause last night was a little taste of what it might be come next fall. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't like the thought of not having him on this team. Anyone who thinks we're a better team without him really needs to get their head check.

Also, how about Rasho? I mean, sure it was the Nets, but Rasho had a pretty important assignment in covering Lopez last night and I think did an OK job for a guy who's barely played this season. When Bosh is back, I think I'd rather see a rotation of Bosh, Bargnani, Rasho and Amir instead of using Reggie at this point. Use Evans when the others are in foul trouble, but I honestly think Rasho's ability to be somewhat of a defensive presence in the paint would be nice to have when Andrea isn't in the game. Not to mention, his all around awareness on the court on both ends is a significant upgrade to what Evans can offer. Thoughts?

So, who's your "Raptors in Reverse Player of the Game"? (poll to follow)