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Thread: Cavaliers pick Tyrone Corbin as best number 23 in Cleveland history

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    Default Cavaliers pick Tyrone Corbin as best number 23 in Cleveland history

    Butthurt is strong in this one.

    Cavaliers pick Tyrone Corbin as best number 23 in Cleveland history

    By Seth Rosenthal @seth_rosenthal on Sep 20 2013, 7:18p

    Did anyone else ever wear that number? No one comes to mind.

    First: All thanks to the excellent Adam Reisinger for noticing this, because it's pretty great. So, the Cleveland Cavaliers Web folks, in an effort to keep things moving down the stretch of the offseason, put together a slideshow of All-Time Cavs "By The Numbers," listing the best players in Cleveland history to wear each jersey number. We've seen things like this before, and it's a solid jumping-off point for debates: Baron Davis is untouchable in No. 85, but does (the Cleveland version of) Shawn Kemp really get No. 4 over Campy Russell? And so forth.

    Anyway, it's a typical, fun exercise, with one glaring omission. Perhaps the easiest pick of the bunch is No. 23, the number worn by a man who's already distinguishing himself as one of the greatest players ever: LeBr--


    Tyrone Corbin.

    Yes, the Cavaliers are still bitter/trollish/silly enough in 2013 to take a dig at the famously departed LeBron James by picking a man who played a season and a half in Cleveland and averaged around five points per game as the eminent No. 23. At least they gave LeBron a mention alongside Mike Bratz and company in the footnotes. Excellent work, Cavs.

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    Troll gold!
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    Amir Johnson is the best number 15 in Raptors history.

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