Hedo continues to struggle with wearing the mask. So much that he tossed it during the 1st half last night. The damn thing is crampin' his style. Oh yeah, and apparently affecting his game too.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the Raptors doctors give him the "all clear" so he can scrap it all together.

I look up before the tip and see Hedo fussing with the straps of the mask and then about six minutes in I notice itís gone and I figure somethingís wrong with the strap and itís being fixed.

Then he never wears it again and Iím like, ďoh, oh, this might be an issue.Ē

Says Turk when I asked him:

ďItís really bothering me because the gameís Iím playing with it, itís effecting my shot and my game. Iíd rather take it off and play without it.

ďIt makes me look bad, and not just from the look. Iím not worried about that; I look bad playing, not myself. You keep trying to fix it, it slides. You go into a pick and you get hit and hit covers the face. I make that decision Ö itís basketball, you never know, but at least I know Iíll feel more comfortable now and try to play without it.Ē

The best thing everyone can hope for today is that when the doctors get a look at him again they find that the tiny fracture has healed well enough to go sans mask. And, believe me, it must be getting a lot better because there would have been a big issue with the staff last night had it not.
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