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Thread: Nickname Jerseys? - Fill out the Raps roster with nicknames

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    The NBA is in the business of selling merchandise, in this case some oddball jerseys. Be the first on your block to own one.

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    Quote golden wrote: View Post
    In the style of Chris Berman....

    Rudy “Openly” Gay
    Demar “we are together, de happier we’ll be” Derozan
    Amir “I love pounding my” Johnson
    Watch “yo own ass” Valanciunas
    Acy “DC”
    Steve “the obligatory white guy who can hit wide open 3s when left wide open” Novak
    Tyler “don’t f**kin call me Psycho T” Hansbrough
    Landry “Mrs” or “Misses” Fields
    Aaron “White Charcoal” Gray
    Dwight “riding the pine and the stationary” Buycks
    DJ “EZ Rock” Augustin
    Austin “Never see the light of” Daye
    You lost some steam at the end .. but the demar one is classic berman .. I can picture him saying it (if the raps ever made espn) .. well done, these were hilarious

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