Kobe will make a comeback this year probably in the midseason and he won't be the same again but at this point in his career, i wouldn't mind acquiring Kobe to make this team more interesting. I propose a trade with the Lakers

Toronto out: Demar DeRozan, Rudy Gay, Amir Johnson, 2015 1st round pick
Toronto in: Kobe, P.Gasol, 2014 1st round pick

Logic for the Raptors: We acquire an one time superstar in Kobe who would do wonders for us as our starting SG for 2 years to come until he retires, at the meantime we have lots of time acquiring a decent SG. P.Gasol is a key veteran to provide our young Valanciunas with advices. Besides, we acquire a 1st round pick.

Logic for the Lakers: Simply, Demar DeRozan can be their next Kobe 2.0, not exactly like Kobe, but with good work ethic, DeRozan can become an allstar along with Rudy Gay. Amir Johnson will edge the start for the team while the Lakers acquire a future 1st round pick from the Raptors.

Val/A.Gray/3rd C