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bold: where is anything stated that says this is what was going on? It seems one word in a MU interview is being extrapolated in some peoples' imaginations to rant about imaginary happenings, but I'd be open to being proven wrong. What's your basis for describing what happened like this?

My comment was simply in response your post. For reading comprehension purposes, you will note that I specifically, intentionally did not say it was going on. Your quip about "BC got info from guys he hired and reported to him, and didn't just listen to one guy. Shocking!" - that's some spin on the point being discussed. The point I made was simply that, if in an organization something like this is going on, it isn't harmless or pedestrian. It's poisonous and it is, in fact, shocking. I went on to note that in the basketball world this would make it difficult for a coach to do his job properly.

So, to answer your question, I don't have any basis for saying that happened because, firstly, I never claimed that it happened in the Raps organization and, secondly, whether it happened or not is irrelevant to the point I was making.

Now, do I believe something like this went on? I would not be the least surprised. The suggestion that the assistant coaches were more Colangelo guys than Casey guys is fair based on events to date. We also know Colangelo needed control over every aspect of the team. Given the hints in the article above, one can make a fair inference that untoward happenings were going on.