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Thread: Predicited raptors players for 2016 all-star weekend

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    Default Predicited raptors players for 2016 all-star weekend

    The NBA announced today that the city of Toronto will be receiving its first all-star game in 2016. With that in mind, who do you think will be participating that weekend, assuming the current roster looks somewhat similar down the line and the NBA decides to throw us a bone by putting some raptors in? (not saying it will, but let's say everything goes great the next couple of years) Additionally, what do you think of the fact that we got the ASG, good or bad for the city?

    Rookie-Sophomore game
    Marcus Lovett (kinda random but why not)

    Three-point contest
    Steve "Novacaine" Novak

    Dunk Contest
    Terrence Ross and Demar Derozan will battle it out as did Vince and TMac

    Skills Challenge
    No one

    All-star Game
    Jonas Valanciunas and Demar Derozan (before you go crazy, think of who else will be at the position in the East in 3 years)

    Have at it!

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    Can't predict the Raptors roster two and a half years from now, likely a 80-100% turnover. Ujiri is strapped right now by contracts, to a certain extent, but by all star weekend 2016 he will have overhauled it completely.

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