It seems as if blake Griffin and the rest of the clippers want to erase the lob city identity

“Lob City doesn’t exist anymore. Lob City is done. We’re moving on and we’re going to find our identity during training camp and that will be our new city. No more Lob City.”
Of course, not everyone will feel the same way about the end of Lob City.
Griffin, the 2010 NBA Slam Dunk champion, said he gets that.
“People will still wear T-shirts,” Griffin said. “I can’t really go to people’s houses and take their T-shirts and cut them up. But we [will] have a new identity as a team and that’s going to be what we work out during training camp.
So Lob city 2.0 .. Tdot<3 ?? lol

your thoughts?

This news will be greeted with smiles by guys like Brandon Knight, Kendrick Perkins, Timofey Mozgov and countless others who have found themselves on the wrong end a highlight from an encounter with the Clippers.
loooooool dont worry demars still out there to dunk on yall