Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and it's gonna be a pretty loaded first post on here but I just covered the topic anyways so might as well start it off on here as well.

The link: http://gambleguru.sportsblog.com/pos...e_toronto.html

Since the emergence of Bryan Colangelo's Raptors squards, we've never really gotten a true direction as a franchise. In essence, we neither took a few consecutive years on the chin in order to build up a worthy talent pool nor did we fully commit to winning otherwise we would've made smarter personnel moves during the Chris Bosh era.

Now, that crossroads is here again. A dealing of Gay basically assures we'll be one of the 5-7 worst teams in the league and could ensure that we get a good young player with a lot of promise whether or not his name ends up being Andrew Wiggins.

Where do you guys stand on this? Stay pat and experience some long overdue marginal success or blow it up and build around Jonas and Jonas alone?