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Thread: Raptors a must-watch team this season?

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    Default Raptors a must-watch team this season?

    EoB did their top 5 must-watch LP teams, and top 5 must-avoid LP teams today:

    5. Toronto Raptors: If it weren't for the division crossover, I'd put the Cavs here. 78 games of Kyrie Irving is worth the investment alone. But the Pistons take precedent, and so the Raptors fill in.

    First off, you need a team you can watch grow, and this team will likely be very different in April than October. Second, you have the young star in Jonas Valanciunas few will be familiar with so you can tell your friends at the bar. Rudy Gay is the kind of star you want to watch and track, even if his summer eye surgery doesn't result in a dominant year offensively for him.

    Their announce crew is top notch, and while the baseline 3-D figures are disconcerting, they're also at least unique. Toronto has a young roster with some fun players on it, you get the occasional Saturday and Sunday early afternoon games to switch it up, and being in the Atlantic, you get multiple games to see New York and Brooklyn.

    I've heard lots from both sides (being a good team to watch/being a poor team to watch). What do you guys think?
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    Finally, an assessment I relate with as to why I even watch this team.

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    - Good broadcasters
    - Cool floor paint
    - Extra coverage of the Knicks and Nets

    It's great to finally be recognized :|

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