This post by Arsenalist got me thinking, and since I'd rather not sift through all the comments i decided to see what people on the forum think.

For me i think even if Bosh stays, and the core is unchanged, we are still mediocre. We have Jack, Derozan, Turk, Bosh, and Bargs as our 1-5. That line-up (if Bosh re-signs) will be locked up for 4-5 years. I dont know about you guys, but that team just looks "Okay", its nothing special and its 100% not championship calibar.

Looking at the team Jack is (for his sallary and production) a good piece. He attacks the basket, a suprisingly good shooter and has a great attitude.
The jury is still out on Derozan, he's young so there is no need to throw him under the bus yet. I think we can all agree he has a lot of talent and he has a chance to be a special player.
Bargs looks great. He is being paid market value (or even below market value). Hes a guy who can drop 20 on any given night, will block shots, hit 3s, and grabs 6-7 boards. I'll take that from my starting center.
Bosh is the franchise. flat out, plain and simple. The guy is playing possessed right now. He's crashing the boards and dropping points. I think he has closed the argument of "Is he a franchise guy?"

Now on to Turk.... What can i say.. hes overpaid, overrated, and to me it just doesnt look like he cares. Sure he'll make a few nice passes and hit a 3 once in awhile but he was brought in to be Robin and so far he hasnt met the expectations.
I for one, knew what we were getting with Turk. I was expecting 12-5-5 stat line and so far he is meeting those standards. The problem with him is that he is shooting 40% from the field and 37% from 3 (i honestly thought that number was lower before i checked it out)

If you take out Turk from the team right now, i dont think you lose much. They would be right around the same record, minus a catchphrase.

The bench looks solid as of now. Hopefully Amir gets re-signed, Weems has been playing great, Wright has picked up his game, Rasho!!! plays good in limited minutes, and Calderon is making it all fit. Belli has been a bit of a let down, but he still has potential.

i think if we lose Bosh i say we blow it up. If he re-signs we still need to make a move to upgrade the team. We all know (hopefully BC realizes it too) that Turk is the problem with the team. When we get a legit SF, thats when we will be contenders, untill then only mediocrity.

What do you guys think?