Moderators, feel free to scrap this if it is/becomes a redundant tank vs not thread. The difference is, I think a lot of people (myself included) are in the sit on the fence camp of wait and see what this team does for 20 games and then decide to persevere or blow up. But, if any part of you views plan B as tanking, the end result starts going the wrong way with a win over Boston. That is a ping pong team and every time we beat them (whether it's the last game of the season or the first game), they put us further behind in the lottery. How do you set your frame of mind as a fan if most of you wants this team to do really well but plan b needs them to play terribly? So, is anybody joining that sad sack in the Celtics jersey from the season ticket preseason event to cheer for Boston? Feel free to make a poll of this if you know how.