I've taken some time to think about this since posting it and "cheer for the raptors" it is. That is not as simple as it seems. Forget all this "they're your team...you're a fan...%$*%*cheer for them!" There's a difference between cheering for them and cheering for them to win. If you favour tanking, and there is a significant number of people on this site who do, you want a loss to boston on the 30th (despite whoever you are "cheering" for).
So that said, I'll go with the odds. If we tank, the upside is getting a superstar. Amazing. But the equal (and some may say more probable) outcome is that you get a bust. That would break this franchise. There's is just as good a chance that we get someone as a free agent later on. And when I say "just as good" that's still the same low probability. But we need to keep the franchise going in the right direction. Build forward. Go Raps.