I actually remember watching it on TV vividly.

It was November 3rd, 1995, and it was the Raptors inaugural game and it was broadcast on CTV. I actually recorded it and still have the tape. The Raptors, of course, beat the Nets.

The ironic thing is I wasn't even a Raptors fan I was a fan of the Vancouver Grizzlies (I live in BC)... I also remember the Grizzlies opened that night (on the road in Portland) and they won as well but the networks elected to broadcast the Raptors game instead of the Grizz game!!! Back then the only dedicated sports channel in Canada was TSN. Sportsnet didn't start for another couple of years.

The Grizz inaugural home game was two days later on Sunday and they beat the T'Wolves with a tip-in at the buzzer....

Here is the first Raptors bucket :