So Thaddeus is reading the writing on the wall, and seems to understand that given Philly's "direction" he could easily be moved at some point this season.

Now, I'm undecided on this issue, so I want to see some opinions. Do people think Young would be a good fit in Toronto?

A couple of things to consider in this discussion.

-If you're a pro-tanker, don't just simply bash the deal because you want to lose. Depending on who's sent out, and what else happens with the team, acquiring him might not necessarily change the fate of the team that we all know if Lowry goes down the season is likely in the crapper.

-So, it's more a discussion on whether you think he might be a good fit as a piece moving forward.

-Disclaimer that I don't think Thad Young is worth a 1st round pick....but I'd be ok with giving away a 2nd rounder.
->A deal could look something like Young + Wroten for Lowry + Hansbrough (or Gray if they want to get more capspace faster)...with a 2nd rounder maybe going their way.

Article where he talks about possibly being traded: