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Where exactly did you read about phili wanting to dump him? Last I read, Phili's trying to make Hawes, Thad and Turner their core...
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Thad said it in an interview. I think I read it on SB Nation.
Yeah, I put a source in the original post with the interview with Thad.

There are some good points made.

I don't think of him as a poor man's Gay. I think of him more as a poor man's Josh Smith. (just for comparison)

I'm also not sure what he brings to the team, but he's got some good qualities. Great athleticism, pretty efficient scorer (even without a 3 pter, which isn't so bad if you use him at PF, because he doesn't take the "pull your hair out" 3s that a Josh Smith might), pretty good defensive player. Nothing special though in any way.