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Thread: Chat with Chris Sheridan (Feb. 22)

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    Default Chat with Chris Sheridan (Feb. 22)

    Read the entire chat - Click Here

    David (Toronto)

    What do you think of the raptors this year and can this team get past the 1st round of the playoffs?

    Chris Sheridan (3:26 PM)

    They've generally been on a slow upswing, which is in keeping with their scheme to try to have things working properly in March and April, not December and January. Bottom line though is they are not a good defensive team, nor are they particularly tough. Will Reggie Evans bring that dynamic now that he's finally playing? Watch for that, because I can see them finding a bigger role for him than he had in Philly.
    Danny (New York)

    Chris, I'm not sold on the Knicks going for two max guys. LeBron's obviously their dream target, but more realistically I see Bosh/Stoudamire, keeping Lee and Tmac, and grabbing Felton. Thoughts?

    Chris Sheridan (3:32 PM)

    I think they need to swing for the fences and go for two max guys, but I am not the guy running the team. Donnie Walsh is, and I get the impression that he likes David Lee a lot more than he did a year ago, and he'd be content to settle for Lee and a $6-7 million PG as a good backup plan should they get LeBron but not get Bosh.

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    Weeelll, thank goodness for Chris Sheridan!

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    I agree with Chris on defense. No way the Raptors make it past the first round without making some stops. When round one opens, the pressure ensures and everything on the court tightens up, what happens if this inexperienced lot suddenly can't hit a shot? I tell you what happens, nose dive.

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