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Thread: The Morning After vs. Cleveland

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    Default The Morning After vs. Cleveland

    Soooo, I've totally been out of the loop of Raptors games since the Olympics have started. Truth be told I did know the Raps were playing last night, but I was on the road till about 9:30pm and as soon as I got home on came the TV to watch the Canada vs. Slovakia game. Sorry Raptors fans

    That being said, I'm very surprised that without Bosh we took the Cavs to overtime. I read comments that Jack stepped it up in the 4th quarter again and Bargnani had a great game too. I also read that Hedo's become the scapegoat yet again for the Raptors. It is fair to say that he underachieved once again? I noticed Jose struggled with his shot last night too according to the box score.

    So, who wants to fill me in last night? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    Oh, don't forget to vote for your "Raptors in Reverse Player of the Game"? (Vote at poll)

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    I don't think Hedo should be consider scapegoat. Yes, he took a long jumper in the last seconds of regular time and he missed miserable even though he got into a spot where he wanted, but other than that he had a good game. I always liked Jose, he is not an exceptional player but he leaves his heart on the floor, just last few games he is not himself. Last night, he didn't score till 4th quarter. I really want Jose to be more aggressive looking for scoring opportunities.
    Bottom line, I was please that a Boshless Raptors held their pants in front of Cavs. It proves that we have depth and that Raptors are one good wing player away form being a really good team. I stopped watching Raptors when Cavs took a comfortable lead in OT and Canada-Slovakia game started .
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    Man the environment at the ACC last night was awesome! The 4th quarter the crowd was the best I've ever experienced at a Raps game and I've been to quite a few over the years. Who would've expected the Raps to take the game into OT against arguably the best team in the league-without Bosh.

    It was kinda messed up though that a lot of lower bowl fans started streaming out of the ACC right after the end of regulation, presumably to go watch the hockey game. It kinda took the momentum right out of the atmosphere. Oh well, goes to that T Dot will always be a hockey town first and foremost regardless of how good the Dinos are playing.

    And Hedo took a bad shot no doubt about it. There was absolutely no need to go for the "big shot". He should've tried to attack the rim and at least have a chance to get to the line (put the pressure on the refs to make a call) or take a higher % shot than the three ball.

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    I listened to the tail end of regulation on the radio and picked it up just before Cleveland tied it back up. The radio broadcast, combined with missing everything before had me screaming for Hedo's head. From the sounds of this though, if I had tuned in five minutes earlier, I'd be much happier with his play.
    I'll take the OT loss I guess. But with the way the Raps have played against the Cavs this year, I'm calling a Raps win at their final meeting, even though it's an away game.

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