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WOW....thanks for at least admitting that he is improving year-by-year (i'm being a bit sarcastic).

Whether his overall impact is the same, is entirely based on opinion. However, let's just take a quick walk back down memory lane shall we?? In terms of tanking....aren't we in this position due to a few choices BC made?

I won't call out Matt52 because he doesn't want to look back at his past opinions, only the future draft. However, I do recall having discussions with you regarding Kyle Lowry and Rudy Gay (whom you were extremely excited to acquire even before BC went and got him at the time). In your own words you said that they were wayyy better players than anyone we have. That they were soooo awesome (i think i'm paraphrasing here). I hate to say i told you so.....BUT Rudy has dissappointed in terms of his court vision, his shooting and creating for his teammates. The same goes for Lowry.

You guys were on board with giving up our first round pick for Lowry. You guys were on board with trading for Rudy and his ridiculous contract. When it comes to Demar - Why should we listen to anything else you guys have to say??? LOL I'm just saying....

In spite of our differences of opinions, some of you guys have brought A LOT to these forums. So believe me when i say I mean no disrespect. I learnt that you guys can be wrong.....BIG TIME. No more rash/knee-jerk decisions please!

You don't read my posts then. I've acknowledged many past screw ups on opinions. I've nailed some things too but even a broken clock is right twice a day. You know what the key is though? Cutting your losses when you were/are wrong.

I recently showed your own history of stellar opinions. Your hypocrisy was shown then I'm and not really in to proving that point again.

It sounds to me like you wish to be a part of a big circle jerk. I'm not in to circle jerks to be honest. If people share the same opinion, so be it. If they have another one, that is cool - especially when they can back it up with solid reasoning/evidence. But your relentless pursuit to one up myself and other posters who share a difference of opinion is lame - especially when any objective view would show DD is what he is: an inefficient volume scorer. End. Of. Discussion.

Choose your heroes wisely, kids.