Hmmm .. not to sure what I think of this. I love this energy of the floor, but not sure if he'll help all that much.


This is what Colangelo had to say about it:

I presume you all saw the Bryan quote about The Legend from the notes in the paper today?

“The timing is purely coincidental. He’s someone we would have to consider but I’ve heard there may be a deal in Europe in place for him.”

Now, I know so many of you are going to go off half-cocked – or fully-cocked, I should say – about the notion of Pops Mensah-Bonsu coming back so you might find that interesting.

But if it happens, please riddle me this: Would you use him before Amir Johnson, who’s bigger, younger, better? Or before Reggie Evans, when he gets back in a couple of weeks? Or Rasho? Well, maybe Rasho.

Truth is, you’re talking about the fifth big at best so please keep that in mind.
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