Kind of makes me nervous. But you figure, the Celts were like that about 3 or 4 years ago when in some miraculous way they were able to make significant moves and acquire big names like KG and Ray Allen. So anything is possible I guess.

TORONTO – the Raptors are another team that added a lot of long-term salary this past summer, guaranteeing them to be well above the cap next summer. Turkoglu, Calderon, Bargnani, Jack, Evans, Banks, DeRozen, Bellinelli and Weems represent $47 million in salary. Then add in either Bosh’s $17 million salary or a huge cap hold if he chooses not to pick up his player option. And even if Bosh leaves, the amount of cap room that the Raptors will hold might not be of the larger-than-MLE variety.
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