Never too early to start thinking about the offseason. I'm making this post based upon the assumption that Bosh signs a new contract with the Raptors.

Anyway to me our biggest offseasons personnel tasks are the following:

1a) Move Calderon's contract ideally for 2011 expirings.
1b) Grab a backup for Jack, ideally a young guy with upside who can defend.
2) Sign Amir cheaply or replace him.
3) Sign Wright cheaply or replace him.
4) Get a Gortat level C (either with MLE or some sort of trade.)

I'm actually a bit concerned about (2), since from comments by Buddhafan, Amir is unlikely to resign or will probably want too much money.

I've identified a pretty good replacement. I've been watching a lot of Wizards games lately, and really like James Singleton. He is an undersized (6'8), but extremely athletic older (29) PF who was traded from the Mavs recently.
Obviously no spring chicken, but still very athletic and can probably be signed cheaply. 3 years, 8-9 mil should get it done (I doubt the smaller fish are going to get huge money this summer), but I'd be comfortable doing 4 years, 16 mil.

Additional facts:
1) Excellent Net PER splits at the PF spot:
2) Great +/- numbers.
3) Strong and extremely athletic, good range out to three.
4) Plays good sound basketball, doesn't do too much.
5) Can play some minutes guarding Cs.
6) Very good shot blocker.

I suspect Washington is high on him too, and Dallas might want him back. But BC should seriously look to grab him if/when Amir walks or asks for too much money.