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Thread: The Majority Of Threads These Days On The Board..

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    maybe he needs ot k now that we all agree the tank is no longer in play, we accept that this is the play moving forward.


    Now we are all desperate for as many wins as possible.

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    Quote GameBreaker wrote: View Post
    This is why I don't visit these platforms much. I'm 40 yrs old and I been watching basketball and other sports, almost all my life. And I've never seen so much talk of tanking, EVERY year, like I do with this so-called fan base. It's sickening and anti-sport culture and anti-competitive. Sports isn't about tanking, it's about finding ways to win in your respective competition. Big old people talking about tanking, every frikkin year, like things are a video game. Dudes are playing waaaay too much NBA2K now. This is players' jobs, what they get paid for, eat with, provide for their families with. Tank talk is for losers, literally. That's a defeatist mentality with no ambition but a cheap thrill. To the point that commentators and GMs have to now talk about it in media scrums because that's all these immature minds wanna do, EVERY year, and plague all these websites like a virus wit tank-talking. Clowns.
    Good post. It's supposed to be about winning. Yes I know the arguments ..........

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