Last night's loss to Portland again showcased some of the disturbing trends that need to be discussed:
1. First Quarter Conceding: home team allowed a 'back to back', tired, and from a different time zone team to come on with more energy, better solutions, and to dominate both offence and defence
2. Comebacks: all of the last 5 victories came in a fashion of a last moment push back, including games against Nets and Wizards. All of those games could have turned to be losses.
3. Poor Coaching Decisions: Triano and his team continue to make mistakes when it comes down to making simple coaching decisions
- ignore makeups of the opposing teams, and adjust selection of the players for the starting unit.
- insisting on keeping certain players in when they are utterly ineffective, while not trying out other bench options. Case in point last night, Triano kept Derozan in during the third quarter for a prolonged time, after the player offered a sequence of missed jump shot, turnover, foul, and sitting in the corner pocket awaiting to be served.
- working on a relationship with referrees: no other team has been victimized more than our home team by the biased officiating in NBA. Triano's reactions to this phenomena are meek, no more than a few quiet words uttered and a few face grimasses offered, in a fashion of a small child refusing oatmeal for breakfast.
4. Offensive Modes: what does it take to make a rule on this team, that jump shots are risky business and not welcomed proposition? Don't you think players like Sony Weems and D. Derozan should try driving through traffic few times, even at a risk of being bumped or fouled? Enough already with jumpshots, all of them, starting from Rasho down to Weems! Your appearances are semblance of able bodied men, and therefore, go to the basket, enough already with the f*****g jump shots. If J. Jack has enough propensity and sanity to realize that getting to the basket is the way to go, I do not understand why Triano is not saying in the huddle: "STOP THE SENSLESS SHOOTING. GET TO THE BASKET. NOW. PERIOD." instead of last night's: "We got energy. Keep the energy." What is he coaching? Ants colony?
5. More to come.