The majority of us here are team tank but let's take a mental break appreciate we are in 4th and if the playoffs started tomorrow we could beat anyone in the east (with the exception of Miami and Indiana).

Having said that we are still not contenders, we are quite a long way off. Our team right now isn't built for consistent domination.

but if the raptors were buyers (then realistically it would be a short sighted win now move) what do you think we could/should target?

Our biggest weakness is backup pg - we have 3 of them and combined they are averaging 2.2 assists per game. We would need a vet who would make smart decisions.
Targets: Bucks - Ridnour, Rockets - Beverly or Brooks, Lakers - Blake or Farmar, Blazers - Watson, Wolves - Barea

What else could the Raptors do in a buyers market? Do you think it would still include a large shake up [ala the Josh Smith thread]?