I'm wondering, if we do trade Gay (please do), who would take over the 3-spot on our team? We could draft someone, but that would likely take another couple of years to develop, unless it's Wiggins or Parker.

One option I really like is going all out this summer for Gordon Hayward. Now, this only works if the Jazz continue to suck, and get one of the top picks, and select Wiggins or Parker. There would be no point for them to have a 10-12 million Hayward sitting on the bench for them, as a back-up 3. We could offer a contract, and I think they would do a sign-and trade, with someone like Amir, Lowry,or DeRozan involved. Another guy could be Deng, but I'd think we'd have to try to trade for him, as the Bulls probably don't want to let him walk for nothing this summer. Any opinions out there? We could always keep Gay, but I'd rather get another, cheaper and more efficient player.