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My point was that it was irrelevant how he was acquired. They drafted George, they did not draft a superstar. Perhaps the Pacers saw a possible future superstar in him and that's why they chose him. Again, irrelevant, because just because he MAY be or has the POTENTIAL TO BE doesn't mean they are going to be. Remember Bargnani?
Well that just begs the next question though - did some of those player (ie. Bargnani) truelly have the potential to be? There is no shortage of people who believed he could (can be) if X or Y happens (happened). But again, we can't run parrallel universes and compare what could have been or what will be, and we have to go right back to the simple answer. Given the information we have, he never actually had the potential to be a superstar/star. Rather someone (Colangelo) thought he did, and that someone was wrong.

Don't get me wrong, anything is possible, but when we can't know all things we can only judge based on the things we do know.

Every team develops a large number of player - a large (but decreasing) number of players are thought to have X potential - very few ever become X. There is only one logical conclusion that can be reached given what we know. Very few players ever actually had superstar potential to begin with.

Still that last part is critical. I mean, compare it to the "opportunities" given to young players under Casey. Hard to believe their handling has maximized their growth opportunities (here talking at least about Ed, Ross and Jonas). Even when Ed played well leading up to the trade, I remember thinking that it still took way too long before Casey caved, started him and gave him a major role.
I agree.