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Thread: Kenny Smith: Bucks Are Better Than Raptors

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    Quote nubreed000 wrote: View Post
    Only reason why the Raptors would win is because of CB4. The Bucks have no legit number 1 option but a collection of very effective role players who are willing to step up. And their D is leagues better than the Raptors, and ultimately that's why they're a better team imo.
    When the Raptors decide they want to play defence they can be extremely effective. I just think they get ahead of themselves and take too many of the weaker teams for granted. Today was the perfect example. Sloppy, sloppy basketball and the Sixers capitalize. Kudos to them.

    As great of a game Jack seemed to have offensively, his defence was horrendous on Holiday. Definitely not the type we know he can play. He definitely dropped the ball today for Toronto.

    The Raptors worst enemy seem to be themselves. I still think the weakest component of this team is the mental aspect of the game. Weems is example of that. A couple good games, the city of Toronto can't praise him enough and in the 1st half he thought he was Kobe or someone. Sure he shot a decent percentage, but he also lead the team in turnovers today and I think he only player 20 or 25 minutes.

    Players needs to realize their role on this team and stick with it. That goes for players like Bargnani who for the first 3/4 of this season has played as our 2nd option on offense and now he's disappear. Invisible and not an impact at all. Consistency is the key and that isn't something we've maintained throughout this season. Very frustrating as a fan.

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    Mental toughness has been a problem for years though. You really have to start to wonder where the root causes of these problems are.

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    The freaking bucks? Really. They do not scare me and thier star player BJennings is having one of the worst second half rookie campaigns in recent history. I don't know the stat for sure, but I feel they have had a rather easy schedule. Every time I look they are playing a good team on the wrong end of a back to back.

    The bucks are extremely well coached and play from a C+ plus to a B-. The raps are constantly in flux and can play from a D- to an A-. Over the course of an 82 game season being consistent in this league can get into the play offs, but thats about it.

    I would take the raps ten times out of ten because thier ceiling is higher. Once Bosh gets healthy we are going to be poised for a stretch run to end the season. We can beat any team at home and can at least be competitive to most teams on the road.

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